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MLFAS, Inc. SIRIUS Liver Recovery™ KIT


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    Our MLFAS, Inc. SIRIUS Liver Recovery™ KIT has been carefully researched and thoroughly tested. It has proven to not only repair livers damaged due to obesity, protozoa and/or fatty liver disease in our finch & canary flock, but to stimulate the immune system in birds who've been placed on it. In most cases, once the liver has been repaired, the birds stay trim and no longer require a special diet to prevent further obesity. This carefully researched and hand mixed combination of 18 dietary herbs and oils has proven invaluable for saving finches & canaries with fatty liver disease and other liver issues.

    Due to the intensive work required to create this product, this supplement will be MIXED FRESH ON DEMAND and the Kit created once your order has been placed. Therefore it may take 2 days or so longer to ship than normal.

    In order for this product to work, it is IMPERATIVE that directions are followed EXPLICITLY and CONSISTENTLY. It will not work unless followed EXACTLY as directed.

    Kit for ONE 10-day treatment includes:

    1. MLFAS, Inc. SIRIUS Liver Recovery™ dry powdered herbal mix
    2. The precise amount of oils for mixing the powdered herbal mix
    3. MLFAS, Inc. hand mixed seeds & supplements for creating the chitted seed mixture
    4. Dr. Rob Marshall's KD Cleanser for chitting seed (Our seeds should NOT be chitted with any other liquid. It has been tested ONLY with KD Cleanser. Changes could alter the results).
    5. Complete instructions on how to chit seed, mix, and administer this product for 10 days