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PC Scalex External Parasite Spray - 8oz


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Compare Scalex to Morning Bird's Pestex, get just as much bug killing bang for your buck!  Scalex is a bird safe spray that kills bird lice and feather mites on birds, cages, and cage surroundings.

Directions for Use:

Use directly on birds to control bird lice/feather mites. Leave birds in cage but remove food and water.  Lightly spray with 3 or 4 pumps directly on birds from a distance of 12 to 18 inches. Avoid the eyes and face. OR take bird in hand and lightly spraying - be sure to pull out each wing and spray both top & bottom. Spray back, head, belly, and legs. Repeat twice per week until all signs of pests are gone.

Use on cage & aviary surfaces - Remove bird food & water cups.  Thoroughly spray cage and aviary surfaces from a distance of at least one foot using 5 to 6 pumps per cage.  Thoroughly spray outside of cage and bottom as feather mites often live there.  Repeat treatment twice per week.

Active Ingredients:

Pyrethrins 0.03%, Piperonyl Butoxide [Technical] 0.30%