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BR Plastic Split Bands | Finch & Canary 100ct

$7.50 $5.50

Our Plastic Split Bands for Finches & Canaries fit birds ranging in size from African Firefinch up to Gloster Canaries. This package of 100 bands contains 9 different colors. A band applicator is included.

They are not on a "stick" like some other brands of band. They are loose in a zipper bag for convenience.
See our video on how to apply both closed and split bands on our YouTube Channel HERE!!

Reasons a good breeder will band their chicks

  • Keep track of siblings - you do not want to mate siblings.  Once Goulds color-up, you won't be able to tell the difference!  If they are banded, you'll be able to tell which chicks are from which parents, which are actually the parent bird and which are the chicks, all by the color or number on their band!
  • Keep track of genetic trail - if you are breeding for color, you'll want to know which birds carry which color traits.  You cannot properly match your birds for results if you don't know what genes they carry!  You also want to be sure you aren't breeding a potentially lethal combination (see the Genetics page for more information).
  • Tracking their age - a banded bird is easier to track than a non-banded bird.  You will want to know birth dates before breeding them.  A two year old Gould is more mature and less likely to toss it's chicks or encounter health problems than a younger bird.

Banding System

There are many ways to keep track of your birds with bands. We choose to keep various spread sheets and database files that track all of the information regarding our birds, and band with a numbered band (NFSS) on the birds right leg, and a "family" colored plastic split band on their left leg.  There is no "right or wrong" way to band your chicks, though consistency does help.  It is our humble opinion that you should pick a system and stick to it!

Our System

Each of our breeder hens is assigned a color from the colored split band assortment.  Each chick that hen produces is banded with that color.  This way, even if we pair the hen with a different male next season, we know not to breed chicks with the same colored bands as they are siblings - though they may have a different father.  It also helps when selling birds.  If a buyer is looking for an unrelated pair, we know not to sell them birds with the same band colors! Because we sell most of our chicks before the next breeding season, we do not have to worry about two different fathers.  If we happen to keep a nice chick to show, we have its pedigree and records in case we forget who the father is (highly unlikely here).  If we then decide to sell the chick, the purchaser is given a pedigree with the parents' names and genetic trail. There is little chance birds in our aviary are ever paired to another related bird. See our "When the Chicks Hatch" article for more information!