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MLFAS, Inc. Hand Feeding MicroSyringe™


Small enough for even the tiniest of newly hatched finches & waxbills, our MLFAS, Inc. MicroSyringes are indispensable when breeding difficult species that tend to neglect or abandon their young. 

These hand-feeding syringes are meant to be used during the very first days after hatching when chicks are still absorbing the yolk sac and only need enough formula to remain hydrated. The silicone tip is soft and flexible to prevent crop damage on young chicks as they bob up to meet the syringe during feeding.

When using these syringes, formula should be mixed very thin with more water than solids.


  • Prime the syringe with plain water before drawing up formula.
  • Test plunger depression several times before attempting to feed chicks.
  • If formula is too thick, the plunger may not depress as easily.
  • Forcing the plunger may cause the tip to detach.
  • If the syringe will not pull up formula, mix the formula to a thinner consistency.