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MLFAS, Inc. Blood Stop & Parasite Control™


Our all natural Blood Stop & Parasite Control powder is the fastest blood stopping agent to be found. But the effective ingredient, Diatomaceous Earth (DE), has many other uses around the aviary. 

DE works both internally and externally to kill common parasites. It absorbs humidity in situations such as wet nests. It is also an effective and excellent pest deterrent when storing seed. 

Added to your favorite mineral grit, DE offers the birds a source of minerals, silica, and trace amounts of soluble calcium. When mixed with grit or added to food, it effectively prevents internal worms. 

We always keep a container on hand when clipping beaks and nails, and keep our 1/4 oz size in our emergency travel kit for when we travel to shows and fairs.


For Parasite Control

  • Sprinkle approximately 1/8 tsp over 1 cup dry or oiled seed for internal parasite control.
  • Dust in nest boxes and cage trays to deter external parasites.
  • Thoroughly mix in 1/8 cup per 20lbs seed to deter pests in seed storage containers. 
We recommend using Blood Stop & Parasite Control daily, but in conjunction with Morning Bird's Worm Away a minimum of 3 times per year.

Blood Stopping Agent

  • Dip cotton bud into the powder and apply to affected area. Or, dip a spoon into the powder, then tap the nail or beak into the small amount on the spoon.
  • Do NOT use on large open sores or wounds.


This powder is extremely fine and easily floats on the air. Do not breathe in the powder. The particles are sharp, and too great an intake could cause dry throat, nose and lung issues. Those with asthma should wear a mask when using this product.


Human Grade Diatomaceous Earth

***Keep container tightly sealed to avoid unwanted humidity absorption. If the lid has been left off for an extended period of time, the powder with turn slightly grey. Scrape the top layer of grey powder off until you see the whiter layer beneath, then seal your container tightly.

***Store in cool, dry, dark place out of sunlight.