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MLFAS, Inc. Austerity Seed Blend™


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What exactly IS the Austerity diet?

The Austerity diet is designed to emulate the severe conditions found in the wild during the dry season and serves a distinct function in both the wild and captivity... 

Why do Australians need an Austerity diet?

In the wild, Gouldians and other Australian species are able to find vast amounts of ripening grass seed heads and insects during their breeding season. As those grasses dry out, the seeds begin to dry out as well, lessening the amount of nutrition they contain. When the dry season comes around, most of the dried grass seeds have been consumed. The birds are hard pressed to find foods at all and must travel long distances to find water. They lose weight, drop out of condition, and their systems reset for the next breeding season. The want and need to breed will return with the rich food sources!

Because our captive birds don’t have to worry about the quality or quantity of food they receive, and because they rarely receive the same amount of exercise as birds in the wild, the richer foods of our breed/molt, juvenile and resting diets leave them a bit tubby.  Austerity helps to remedy that situation by removing the high protein and carbs they’d receive during those seasons.

But even in captivity, Austerity’s main function is to put a halt to the breeding hormones, drop them out of condition and shrink their reproductive organs - so that once the breeding diet is offered again, they come into condition, pair, and breed well.

NO water supplements. NO chitted seed or soft food. NO food-based supplement. NO treats. NO greens. NOTHING but a dry austerity seed mix, plain water & grit.

***All of our seed is double winnowed & dusted with diatomaceous earth to deter pests