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MLFAS, Inc. Gouldian Pro-Mix™


Meadowlark Farms' own Pro-Mix™ is designed to be added to your everyday seed mix during breeding and the molt. It contains the extra protein required by both parents and growing chicks, and helps a bird's ability to produce feathers during the molt.

Great for all finches, canaries and small hookbills. Excellent high quality animal protein alternative to live insects for insectivores. Created to be safely used with the Dr. Rob Marshall Supplement Programmes.

This 6oz package is designed to be mixed into 10lbs of seed.

Directions for Use During Breeding:

Mix into seed mix for approximately 14 days prior to the breeding season, and continue throughout breeding season. Seed mixed with Gouldian Pro-Mix™ may be oiled with Dr. Rob Marshall's TurboBooster, but should be refrigerated if not used in one feeding - refrigerated mix will stay good for 3 days. Remove from adult's seed once breeding is complete and until molting begins.

Directions for Use During Molting:

Chicks & Juveniles: continue to add to the seed until chicks reach juvenile stage and have fully colored up. Once color is complete, remove from the seed.

Adults: add to the seed during the entire molt process and until no pin feathers remain.

***Due to the high protein content of this mix, it is not recommended this product be offered free choice to Gouldians.

However, it is an excellent animal protein alternative to live insects for African species or those who require a very high protein mix for their young. It may be fed free choice to birds with these requirements.

***Not designed to be used as soak or sprout!



High quality dried insects (dried & ground insectary raised), ground rape seed, niger seed, canary seed, german millet, proso millet, red millet, ground flax seed, red millet, oat groats, rye grass seed, sweet pepper seed, poppy seed, dried whole shrimp, shrimp powder, hemp seed, shredded cranberry, spirulina, wheatgrass, shaved cuttlebone, dry egg meal, dried herbs, brewer's yeast, garlic.

Packaging: 6oz