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Closed 9/20-9/23. Orders placed during this time will be shipped 9/24 pending inventory availability

MLFAS, Inc. Gould-Granules™


Hand mixed to just the right grit size and consistency for finches and Canaries, our Gould-Granules Grit Mix contains supplemental calcium, trace minerals, and just a touch of charcoal to provide a supplemental source of dietary minerals, silica, calcium & iodine to help maintain a healthy digestive tract in finches.

Delivers both soluble and insoluble forms of grit. Adds supplemental calcium and trace amounts of iodine. Charcoal acts as a toxin absorbent. Diatomaceous Earth adds silica - deters internal and external parasites. Sand aids in digestion.

While there is some controversy about whether to feed grit or not and what kind to feed, we have found through our own research grit is an essential part of a finch's dietary intake.

Most finches hull their seeds - but they swallow the kernels whole! Finches don't have teeth. Their gizzards grind up the whole seed allowing them to absorb the nutrients.

Necropsy results from both healthy and diseased gizzards show trace amounts of both soluble and insoluble grit inside. It is our humble opinion that if the birds didn't need it, they wouldn't eat it!

Research this topic on your own before making a decision as to whether you feel they actually need grit or not!


Feed free choice - we offer 1 tsp per pair of birds daily but only change it when humidity has made it clump or droppings have soiled it.

During the breeding and molting seasons, birds may ingest more - do not limit their intake. When humdity is high (above 45%), change daily to avoid humidity absorption which can allow grit to harbor bacteria and negates the ability of the diatomaceous earth to work as parasite control. Keep tightly sealed when not in use. Refrigeration NOT required.

***When using antibiotics of ANY kind, remove all grit from the cage. The minerals in the grit may chelate and settle in the liver, causing organ damage.

Contents: diatomaceous earth, fine river sand, cleaned crushed egg & oyster shell, shaved & crushed cuttlebone, trace mineral dust, charcoal.

***Color may vary due to mineral content of sand. Some settling may occur during shipping.

Packaging: 1lb