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MLFAS, Inc. Crispy Critters™ Dried Meal Worms - 2oz


A favorite of our African insectivores, our MLFAS, Inc. Crispy Critters™ Dried Meal Worms are sure to please your birds too!

Used during breeding and the molt, these dried worms offer an excellent, high protein food source for many African and other insectivorous species. They also make a high energy treat for when your birds are feeling down.

Because some species won't feed well if they don't have insects or live food, these worms usually do well to convince the parents they are getting the bugs they need and prevent chick abandonment or tossing. As such, these worms make an important source of food for your insectivore chicks. Combined with our Gouldian Pro-Mix™ and your seed mix, our dried meal worms give you a complete high protein insectivore breeding diet.

BONUS: If you are like us, you don't "do" bugs. These dried worms are a great substitute for live foods - without the wiggle!!


Feed mixed into seed or separate in a treat cup. For most insectivores, feed just a few worms daily until courting begins. Once courting begins, double the amount you offer. Once chicks hatch and until they are weaned, keep worm dish full at all times.

Discard old food before refilling any food dishes. Clean your food dishes daily. Be sure to offer clean, fresh water daily.

***Oven dried. Preservative & additive free.

***Store in cool, dry place.