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Closed 9/20-9/23. Orders placed during this time will be shipped 9/24 pending inventory availability

MLFAS, Inc. Breed, Beak & Feather Tweak™


Specifically formulated to aid blue mutation Gouldians in processing Pro Vitamin A, and created in small batches from human grade ingredients, our Breed, Beak & Feather Tweak™ is aptly named.

The protein, vitamins and minerals found in our mix help breeding and molting birds pull through these seasons with exceptional vigor. The trace amounts of iodine help balding Gouldians replace their lost head feathers, and calcium helps keep bones, beaks & claws strong.

This product has also proven to be an outstanding food source for Daphnia and other water creatures. Our new fans are raving about it!

The precise and specific quantity blend of Spirulina and Wheatgrass work to aid Gouldians in processing Pro Vitamin A, while the premium hand-shaved and ground cuttlebone gives them extra soluble calcium.

The perfect combination, results are strong beak & nails, smooth and brightly colored feathers and fewer sinus infections in the blue mutation birds.


Can be fed year-round, but is most beneficial during breeding and the molt. Sprinkle approximately 1/2 tsp over 2 cups of dry or oiled seed daily during breeding and molting, or sprinkle over your flocks food as you would salt your own food. A light dusting is all it takes.
Use DAILY year-round for blue mutation Gouldians.
Seal tightly and refrigerate when not in use.


Dried & powdered human grade Spirulina, dried & powdered human grade Wheatgrass, hand-shaved & ground premium Cuttlebone.

***Store in cool, dry, place out of sunlight
Packaging: 3oz