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MLFAS, Inc. Fine Bird Charcoal™ - 1 oz

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Charcoal has been used for decades by doctors to absorb toxins in the human digestive tract.  It is eaten by birds to absorb toxins in their system as well!

To use an old-timer phrase, charcoal "sweetens the gut". 

It should only be given in very small quantities as it is not choosy about which items it absorbs and will pull medications, nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals out of the digestive tract as it passes through. 

Most birds will eat very little charcoal, and only when they know there is something wrong in their system. If you see larger than average charcoal consumption, take your bird to an Avian Veterinarian to be checked out!

Our beautiful Fine Charcoal is really nice stuff.  Less dusty than most, and the perfect size for even the smallest finches! 


Add 1/8th teaspoon Bird Charcoal to 1 Cup mineral grit. Limit intake on days you are offering supplements or medications.

We do not recommend this product be offered alone in a cup free choice.