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CCA-D Drinker - Vacation BASE ONLY for Mason Jar - Red



Our Vacation Drinker Base can be used with a small mouthed Mason jar to give your birds a vacation drinker, or a larger water supply in a flight of many birds.  It is less bulky than our Large and Small Vacation Drinkers and therefore takes up less cage space. When paired with a small mouthed Mason Jar, it delivers approximately 1 1/2 quarts of fresh water.

Not made to be used with seed.

If used for small chicks (chickens), add stones, glass weights, or large marbles to prevent the chicks from drowning.


Base is 6" in diameter with the drinking rim 1 1/2" from base of jar to outer rim, and 1" deep. Overall height when set flat on surface is 1 5/8".

***Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
***Current color RED, however colors may vary