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"Excellence through education & research. Without knowledge, we are lost."

Kristen Reeves, Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc

My journey to excellence began in late 1998 - early 1999. What started as the punchline to a bad joke ended up turning into a passion, and eventually a business. Consistently great birds prompted clients to ask just how I kept them so perfect. The answer was that I had studied the wild nutrition of each species, and created fully researched captive bird  supplements based on those wild diets. Their overall excellent health and feather condition was a result of those supplements. Those same clients then begged me to sell those items, and nearly 20yrs later I'm still at it. I continue to add to my line of hand-mixed products, and continue to test & perfect herbal based medications for use in the aviary.

From day one, my entire flock has been as much a giant research project as it has been a break from daily life.  I have never just WANTED to know, I NEEDED to know what makes them tick. My birds are pets first; treated like well loved "children" as much as my own flesh and blood children are.  They are show birds, breeders, and sale birds last. Their health and well being is my first and only concern. Winning at birds shows is nice, but I'm just not that competitive.  I've sold many of my show winning birds to others, who have then gone on to win shows with those birds bred here and from my lines. But I've stopped showing them myself in an effort to spend more time researching.

I have learned to listen to my birds and hear what they tell me.  I know every single bird in my flock like the back of my own hand, from the tiniest missing eyelash, to their exact weight from egg to old age. Because of this intimate knowledge, I know instantly upon entering my bird room if even a single bird is acting odd or is falling ill, and take immediate action to stop illness in its tracks.  I keep exceptionally detailed records about every aspect of their lives and record it all for future reference in expansive spreadsheets and databases.  My photo documentation library is immense.

I prefer to produce QUALITY over QUANTITY in everything I do, including how I choose which items to sell in my store.

In my humble opinion, you get what you pay for.  Here that means robust birds who are lovingly raised, genetically sound and carefully fed. It means birds who very rarely fall prey to stress or illness, and who receive the best nutrition possible. Unlike so many other breeders, I will not medicate unless I know the exact pathogen. I perform my own labs to determine illness, and only treat for what's necessary, which means my birds will respond to medications when actually needed and won't come to you with already badly damaged livers. I am constantly improving their diets to support their immune health.

My cage & care accessories are chosen based solely on their effectiveness, durability and longevity. I only sell what I believe to be the best on the market. They are certainly not the least expensive, but the supplements will keep your birds in tip-top shape, and the accessories will last a lifetime with a modicum of care. I only sell what I use myself, which gives me an advantage in that I can fully describe each product, its benefits and uses in the aviary.

After years of breeding & showing Lady Gouldians exclusively and successfully, I've added a multitude of species to my flock. At several points over the last few years, I have had no fewer than 20 species in the aviary at any given time. Lady Gouldians are still my true love, but it's important to keep other species in order to know what makes them tick, and to be able to express intelligently how each of my products will affect them. I add and subtract from my flock as I find new and engaging species, and track their data as I do my Gouldians so that I may help as many people as possible across a wide range of finch, canary & small hookbill species.

I am skilled and know a lot, but unlike some others, will never consider myself an expert - there is and always will be far too much more to learn. I continue to learn something new every single day about my flock's health and maintenance. This site represents not all, but a goodly portion of what I've learned through that personal research and unending education.

I hope you find my research results and experiences useful!

Thank you for reading! 

Yours in the hobby...

Kristen Reeves, Meadowlark Farms Avian Supply, Inc.